Millie Bridget Henry Pocket Squares by Grey Fox

It's always a pleasure to come across another entrepreneur manufacturing in the UK. The regularity with which this happens suggests a real vitality and creativity in this country - a good thing given the possible horrors around Brexit. I met textile designer Millie Bridget Henry at The Rake Summer Party a few weeks ago and she told me about her silk pocket squares. While this is a crowded sector, it's good to see an individual being inspired by the world around her to design

Meet The Maker by Benson & Clegg

This month on The Journal we talk to British artist and textile designer, Millie Bridget Henry, about her life, taking inspiration from the English countryside and why Benson & Clegg was the natural home for her new pocket square collection. Nestled in the British countryside, on the edge of a stretch of beautiful woodland, you will find an unassuming workshop shared by an eclectic mix of artists, sculptors and creatives. It is here that Millie Bridget Henry can be found work